Pop-alternative band Pordalab will go “Makibaka! Wag matakot!” on their upcoming EP “Sa Pagtahak”.

Comprising of four powerful and daring tracks, ‘Sa Pagtahak‘ will serve as the collective’s outcry against the injustices and suppression of truth in the country.

“As the band tread on its path to creating music that continues to challenge the status quo, we are excited and at the same time anxious to share songs very memorable for the band,” said Pordalab vocalist Boogs Villareal. “In these challenging times, these songs serve as a personal reminder and beacon for the band to continue marching onwards.”


The upcoming EP will include “Magtanong Mag-usisa,” an anthem of a broadcast radio station co-written and produced with journalist-filmmaker Arlyn Dela Cruz; “Kalahati ng Mundo,” Pordalab’s ode to the women of the world; “Tuklasin ang Bago sa Mundo”, and lastly, “Makibaka,” which the band describes as their battle anthem against censorship, human rights violations, and to those want to trample on the freedom of expression. It will also be featuring Laguna-based rapper Yohi.

“Our songs have always been critical of the current situation,” said Pordalab’s vocalist Karl Ramirez, also the band’s songwriter and music producer. “With the controversial Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 currently in spotlight, this album is our daring and creative opposition to it.”

“As a band, as musicians, and as citizens, we join freedom-loving Filipinos in opposing this ‘Terror’ bill. We will sing it loudly: manindigan, makibaka!” ends Ramirez.

Pordalab’s EP will be available on June 26, 2020 across most digital platforms including Spotify and iTunes.

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What do you expect from Pordalab’s upcoming EP ‘Sa Pagtahak’?

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