Living up to the scorching summer heat is the collaborative single of NOTD and Astrid S ‘I Don’t Know Why’.

Released on the same day as its official music video, ‘I Don’t Know Why’ is the product of instant chemistry between the two international powerhouses, as this marks their first project together. The track is a catchy, intoxicating pop-dance that flaunts NOTD’s upbeat and energetic style and Astrid S’s mesmerizing voice. It is built on a symphony of strings, guitars, and sick basslines along with catchy tunes and lyrics. Overall, ‘I Don’t Know Why’ makes for the perfect summer song that will definitely erase your quarantine blues.


Swedish duo NOTD has been on a roll. As of this writing, they have garnered over 1 billion total streams, with one of their songs peaking at #1 at US Dance Radio. They had a nomination at 2020iHeartRadio Music Awards in the category of “Dance Song of the Year” for the Gold smash “So Close” [feat. Georgia Ku] with Felix Jaehn and Captain Cuts.

On ‘I Don’t Know Why’, NOTD shares:

We’ve always been huge fans of Astrid and have wanted to collaborate on a song together for a long time. We have crossed paths many times before, and “I Don’t Know Why” finally felt like the perfect song to do together. 2019 was a huge year for us, and since then, we’ve taken the time to figure out what the next chapter of NOTD sounds like. We can’t wait for people to hear this one and all of the other records we have lined up for 2020.”

Meanwhile, Norweigan singer-actress Astrid S has reached 1.5 billion global streams, two sold-out shows, and a successful stint with Zara Larrson on her U.S. tour in 2019.

About ‘I Don’t Know Why’, Astrid S adds:

I’ve been friends with Tobi and Sam for a little while now, and we’ve always wanted to do a song together. I was so happy when they sent me this song, which I think is perfect for the summer! I hope we’ll be able to write something together one day.”

What do you think of the song ‘I Don’t Know Why’ by NOTD and Astrid S?

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