Join Nostradamus Junior In Their Single Launch for ‘KJ’

Nostradamus Junior, an independent OPM band, is inviting you for the single launch of ‘KJ’.

Honestly, the name ‘Nostradamus Junior’ was unfamiliar for us. However, after listening to some of their performances on their YouTube channel, we were convinced that they are a group we shouldn’t be sleeping on. They totally rock, and we just can’t help but headbang to the songs of this La Union-based band.

Speaking of, one of their tracks titled ‘KJ’ will be having a single launch on November 29, Friday. They are inviting you all to attend and listen to a brand new version of their track in Route 196, Katipunan. Along with an impressive lineup of artists, Nostradamus Junior is waiting for you!


The song ‘KJ’ is already out a long time ago. However, the band wants to share a whole new version of it that they think you will really like. Check out their Facebook post where they share the very first version of their song below.

As you can hear, ‘KJ’ sounds really angsty and intense. Moreover, we just want to hear how its new version would sound like! So again, the single launch of ‘KJ’ by Nostradamus Junior will happen next Friday, November 29 at Route 196. You can check out the poster below where the lineup of artists performing is included.

EAAASY, Edward Ramirez, and other OPM artists will be there!

Did you like this version of ‘KJ’? Moreover, are you looking forward to this single launch of Nostradamus Junior? Let us know your thoughts by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.

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