In the country, human rights violations are happening. And so, people must unite for the struggle against injustice.

On December 7, 2019, a very special song will have its launch through a free concert and gathering at CStudio. ‘Makibaka’ by Pordalab x Yohi is a response to the ever worsening human rights situation in the Philippines. Critics are being silenced in the country; and those who resist oppression and exploitation are being murdered. Accordingly, ‘Makibaka’ serves as a call for musicians to unite music-making with the struggle against injustice.


A band currently consisting of 6 members who sing to express their love for the country, Pordalab directly connotates the Filipino slang of ‘for the love’. According to them, they sing to inspire people to love more and care more for others. Through music, they are also encouraging Filipinos to stand-up for what is right and for advancing real change for the good of the many. As their byline goes:
Awiting puso, awiting bayan.
Comprising Pordalab is Karl Ramirez, Burn Belacho, Boogs Villareal, Pedro Magat, Kyle De Leon and Jomar Mangulabnan. Together, they are inviting their fellow musicians to continue creating music that will resonate and bring ripples of change.


Karl Ramirez wrote ‘Makibaka’ way back in 2009 with the valuable help of the late Tony Palis. And in case you missed it (like we did), an early recording of this song circulated and caught the attention of the public. As a result, it was able to get on online radio stations and local broadcast. For this upcoming release, Burn Belacho’s original rendering of guitar riffs and solos were greatly inspired by Tony’s guitar solo in the early recording.

‘Makibaka’, its digital release, and the solidarity launch on December 7 is a collective statement. So for more details on this upcoming event and free concert, you can check out the official poster below. No photo description available.

Photo taken from the official Facebook page of Pordalab

Joining Pordalab in the release of their song are Sabrina Manansala, Kit Manlangit, Daryl Go, Uds, France Galapon, Harmony & Horizon, Wicked Crone, Gising Diwa, Urduja, Kaurali, Olasaya, Alab, String of Mandala, Gazera, Kalahi, and Talahib People’s Music. Plus as a celebration for a decade since its songwriting, Tony Palis’ son, Laguna-based rapper Yohi, also joins for the release.

We hope you could consider joining Pordalab as they perform music for the causes that they believe in! From human rights to socially relevant music, to upholding Filipino arts and culture, they really are someone that we should support.

What do you think of the band’s advocacy and vision? Are you looking forward to attend their free concert? Do not hesitate to share with us your thoughts or opinions by simply commenting down below! Or just hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.