Kang Daniel’s debut EP, Color on Me, peaked at No. 1 in Korea and made it to number 23 the Oricon albums chart in Japan.

After this massive breakthrough, the Korean pop sensation returns with an EP called Cyan, released by Konnect Entertainment and distributed by Sony Music Korea.



As the latest release in a three-part project, Color, the Kpop idol’s new EP reveals a more confident musical direction that Forbes described as having “an understated sense of pop sophistication to it.” It also tells the artist’s struggles in finding his true colors as he conquers the global music scene. Shortly after its highly anticipated debut, Cyan landed at No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums charts in nine countries in Asia including the Philippines.



Lead single “2U” is produced by Chancellor, a Korean-American singer-songwriter and producer known for his successful hits in Asia like A Pink, SISTAR, Lee-hi, and Girl’s Day. The track’s music video, which arrived on March 24, features a simple but infectious choreography that goes well with its laid-back pop sound.

Other songs in the mini-album offer a feel-good summer vibe: “Adulthood,” is a relatable track that talks about wanting to remain young and free; “Jealous” evokes a longing for the warmth of the sun during winter. “Interview” shows off Kang Daniel’s stunning vocals, while “TOUCHIN” is a track that traverses multiple genres while maintaining its immediacy and catchiness.

KANG DANIEL sits at No. 1 of Korea’s K-pop star popularity chart “Idol Chart” for 103 consecutive weeks. He was also recognized as No. 4 of Forbes Korea’s Top 40 Power Celebrities.


You can now stream Kang Daniel’s latest EP, Cyan on Spotify and digital platforms worldwide.

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