Chiquerella, a five-piece band from Bulacan, is having a launch for the new music video of their debut single ‘Kalangitan’.

When we say OPM, we don’t just refer to the acts from the National Capital Region or Metro Manila. We are pertaining to the whole country, which means: we shouldn’t be sleeping on other local music acts! That’s why this coming November 28, a Thursday, we are inviting you to come to the launch of the ‘Kalangitan’ MV by a rising band from Bulacan, Chiquerella.

In case you haven’t heard of the single of the said band though, here’s a lyric video so that you could also take in the sweet and loving message of ‘Kalangitan’.

Isn’t ‘Kalangitan’ just remarkably beautiful and wonderful to listen to? It gives us ‘roadtrip-with-a-loved-one’ vibes and we are honestly in love! Surprisingly though, the track above is the debut single of Chiquerella, released under DNA Music.

Aaagh, now we just can’t wait to hear more of their music. We hope you feel the same way too because they are frickin’ amazing!

A launch to celebrate a big milestone

Chiquerella is composed of members Karlo del Rosario, Renz delos Santos, Jophy delos Santos, Steven de
Guzman, and frontwoman Chique Sabonsolin. Hilariously, because of the female vocalist’s tendencies to sneak around and hurry home before midnight, they arrived at the name Chiquerella (Chique + Cinderella).

While we are looking forward to more music that the band could offer, check out the details on their upcoming launch through the poster below!

Kalangitan MV launch poster

Official poster for the ‘Kalangitan’ MV launch, taken from the official Facebook page of Chiquerella

As you can see, the launch also boasts an exciting lineup! SUD, Jensen and the Flips, Miss Ramonne, and other amazing musicians will be there! Moreover, we are expecting an impressive music video which is directed by Miko Pelino and features PBB’s Akie Poblete and young actress Trina ‘Hopia’ Legaspi. So we hope you could consider attending this MV launch which will happen at 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub at El Pueblo, Pasig City.

Are you looking forward to this MV launch? How do you think the music video will look like? Let us know your thoughts by simply sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.