In a Zoom Interview, Joyce Pring-Triviño details the story behind her single Alone Together, and how she hopes for the song to uplift everyone affected by this pandemic crisis.


The short but insightful discussion goes deeper as she discusses the #AloneTogetherChallenge. Watch out for the full interview on UDOU’s Youtube channel this coming April 26, 2020, at 7 PM. 

On Alone Together

While the song serves as an anthem for everyone experiencing the weight of the global pandemic crisis, we were tickled to know that this track was originally written to give voice to the artist’s internal struggles a few years back. “When it comes kasi to inner battles, you always feel like you’re alone, and I wanted to write this love song to them and tell them that, ‘Hey, I’m alone and you are alone in your battle as well, but we can do it alone, together.'”

A mental health advocate herself, Joyce Pring has been active in spreading awareness on mental health matters. In the interview, she admitted to having struggled with a season of depression and anxiety before.

Alone Together is a collaboration between Joyce, her brother, Victor Pring, and DJ X Factor. The project began when the three of them decided they wanted to have a song they could call their own as they went from cities to cities, performing on live gigs. Joyce emphasized the simplicity of the process they had to take, detailing how DJ X Factor sent her the unfinished track and she was the one to add in melodies and lyrics. And then, boom! Alone Together was released.

The turn of events

The initial plan, Joyce stated, was that they would start shooting the music video around March and April this year. “It’s really crazy ‘coz the latter part of last year, we started planning to shoot Alone Together, and we were supposed to do it right after my wedding.” Joyce Pring married actor Juancho Trivino on February 9 this year. 

She had sat with UdoU team to discuss the creative plan and the execution for the video. However, things took an unfortunate turn when COVID-19 became a global crisis, forcing the general public to call off outdoor activities and protect themselves from the virus spread by staying indoors. Needless to say, the recording for Alone Together music video had been canceled.

The COVID-19 global pandemic continues to grab the world by the neck. As of this writing, there are 2,735,598 verified cases worldwide, and the numbers are still going up. In the Philippines alone, we have 7,192 confirmed cases, 477 deaths, and 762 recoveries. The public and private sectors continue to work hand-in-hand the flatten the curve in the country. Even ordinary citizens have been doing their part to contribute. 

In the middle of these difficult and uncertain times, Joyce and her team realized one thing: Alone Together, initially written to pat people’s backs and tell them they’re not alone in their personal battles, is actually the world’s anthem right now. Everyone is in quarantine and isolated from the rest of the world. We are basically alone. And yet, despite being separated by distance and travel bans and lockdowns, we’re still together!

“The idea was to reach people who we felt like struggling on their own,” Joyce said on the initial concept for the music video. They planned to put together different stories from different people and turned it into one uplifting message of togetherness. “And then fast forward to COVID-19 global pandemic, we just realized that oh my Gosh, this is not an accident that we created a song that literally was for people who feel like they are isolated from the world.” 

“The only difference now is… it’s a global thing like everyone can relate to the song and everyone can actually see that we literally are alone, together.”

Events and gigs may have been canceled, but no, not people’s care and love for one another. You can see it on how our frontline health workers go all-out to help the ones in need of medical help. You can see so many donation drives and fundraising efforts popping up everywhere to give aid to the people in need, especially in marginalized communities. You can see how artists put up their own online events to take our minds off the anxieties brought by the pandemic crisis.

And so, Joyce and the team came up with plan B, which would later on become #AloneTogetherChallenge.


“We all have the capability to uplift each other up,” Joyce said.

This idea is the driving force behind the #AloneTogetherChallenge, launched on April 22. It basically aims to encourage everyone to be the beacon of hope and optimism for others as we battle through this difficult time, and they can do it by taking part in this little project.

The mechanics are simple: you just take a video of yourself dancing, singing, or even just interacting with the song Alone Together. Send the video through this site, fill-up the necessary form, and upload the same video on your social media. Chosen entries will appear in the music video.

For more details, you can check out Joyce Pring’s announcement on her official Facebook page


World Vision Philippines

Joyce Pring, besides being a prominent TV host and music artist in the country, is an ambassador for World Vision Philippines, the country’s largest non-profit organization that is “devoted to improving the lives of children, their families, and communities to overcome poverty.” While the organization focuses on catering to the needs of children and marginalized local communities, they are also actively taking part in the country’s COVID-19 response efforts

Through #AloneTogetherChallenge, Joyce Pring is calling for donors to support the organization’s ongoing health response. Proceeds will be used to provide PPE’s and disinfectants for barangays, and other basic necessities for families living in poor communities. World Vision Philippines will be linked to the music video once it goes out for Filipinos and the rest of the world to enjoy.

Are you ready to take part in #AloneTogetherChallenge?

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