One Click Straight album launch alert! This Friday night, get ready for one of the hottest album launches of the year. Because the launch of boys of One Click Straight’s debut album, ‘The Midnight Emotion’, is happening at Route 196, and you wouldn’t want to miss it.


After the release of their album just this Friday, One Click Straight is back with one of their most special gigs to date. The One Click Straight album launch is happening on October 12, and it will be an intimate one-night-only event.

And we’ve got Tim, Sam, Toffer, and Joel inviting YOU to this special gig. Here are the boys of One Click Straight talking about their album launch, and why you should be there!

Joel: We’ll be [having] an album launch on October 12 at Route 196. Clara Benin, She’s Only Sixteen, Munimuni, St. Wolf, and Nathan and Mercury will [also] be there. That’s pretty much it. It’s gonna be dope!

Sam: Oh, yeah. For our followers, to the people who are interested. We are playing a lot of stuff that we are never ever ever ever gonna play, you know? Ever. So please do drop by to see the show. It’s cool, there’s lights, there’s smoke, there’s a lot of breezy people. And yeah, music, I guess. That’s the way it is, man.

Tim: Yeah, that’s what you can expect from the concert, honestly, it’s gonna be a concert, as much as—

Sam: There’s gonna be a slow moshpit as well, for the people who just want to breeze through the bodies. That’s it, you know? … And the concert’s gonna be intimate, that’s all.

Tim: I guess, maybe this is important, I guess, for the people to understand. What you can expect from the concert is really—it’s gonna be something else.

This [for The] Midnight Emotion, we really chose this intimate venue. Because of this idea that a concert is not [about] how big a venue is, or how many people are gonna show up. But it’s actually how the artists, and how, us, everyone, all the artist create a show.

And how we give its definition of what a concert is, and I guess we’re like, you know what? We’re putting down money on this. Let’s make the best intimate concert ever. I mean, we’re trying our best to do that…We just want to connect with everybody.

Sam: Basically,  I just want to say, for the last time,

If you guys want to hear our heart, just listen to our album…and if you guys want to see us, October 12, Route 196.

Tickets are out online at OffshoreMusic. Limited tickets as well, so get yours while it’s there. BREEZY.

Plus! Official One Click Straight merch will be available at the event. Check out what you can expect at the One Click Straight album launch for The Midnight Emotion right here:

The Midnight Emotion Tee

One Click Straight Tee from OffShore Music

Also available online here.

And of course, physical copies of The Midnight Emotion!

Are you guys excited? We definitely are! We can’t wait to get our hands on these merch, and enjoy a night with the boys of One Click Straight.


The boys just posted the schedule for tonight’s line-up, and we’ve got the details for you right here.

We’ll see you at the One Click Straight album launch for their debut album with OffShore Music! Catch the boys perfrom The Midnight Emotion and share the stage with She’s Only Sixteen, Munimuni, St. Wolf, Nathan and Mercury, and Clara Benin. For more details, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh.