It’s common to hear songs dedicated by songwriters to their loved one who left. It’s painful and brimming with longing. But what if we reverse the script?

End Street’s song ’31’ is the closure we need from them.

End Street- 31 

Huwag ka sanang magalit sa aking pagpikit…

at di na muling pag-mulat pa. Tahan na sinta.

After the release of their single 31 on various streaming platforms, 4-piece OPM rock band End Street dropped the official music video for the track under Tower of Doom on March 23. Breathtaking views and an awe-inducing sunset accompany the group as they hike up the mountains of Cordillera Region. The video also shows them having a great time in other places in the province.

It would seem like a regular barkada adventure trip at first. But knowing the band and their knack for epic and heart-wrenching plot-twists (See: ‘Sandali Lang’, End Street! This new music video freaking hurts!), we sort of braced ourselves for some what-the-heck moment as we sat through the story. Plus, having listened to the song prior to the video release, we knew that the bonding moments between the group as shown by the clips were too good for the message, so that’s another reason to believe there’s something strange going on. 

Still, though, that did not prevent us from wilting like a plant when we saw that twist. What twist? We’re gonna stop right here because we want you to experience it without being spoiled.

A song about loss and acceptance

Losing someone you love is, if not the most, one of the worst things that could happen to anyone. No one is excused from the suffering: anyone who has dealt with it has been crushed by the weight of knowing you’ve lost someone permanently. It fills us with overwhelming grief, anger, regrets, and remorse. Moving on is strenuous; it takes time to reach the stage of recovery and acceptance.

That’s why it’s refreshing, albeit hurting, to listen to a song that speaks from the point of view of that friend, that relative, that significant other who has passed away. It does not offer a cure, but it does give you bittersweet relief by telling you that they did not want you hurting, either, and the best thing we could all do is forgive one another. It gives you the assurance that their physical presence may have vanished, but the memories, the bonds we’ve shared together, the good, the bad stories and everything in between will forever stay alive with them.

Kaya pakisabi na lang sa lahat ng minamahal ko

kung saan man patungo’y bitbit ang alaala niyo.

Alaala niyo.

For Harvey

The music video ends with a text saying, “For Harvey.” Harvey, or Christian Harvey Nadera, was a good friend of the band who passed away in 2019. The video was directed by the band vocalist himself, Symoun Dred Durias. It was edited by Eric JP, and the director of photography was Kurt Howard Zubieta / KZ Clickshot. End Street’s latest lineup is composed of Symoun Durias (vocal and bass), Aljohn Abelido and Carlo Caballero (guitars), and Mycoh Arjona (drum).

’31’ official music video can be watched on Youtube. You can also listen to the track on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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