Just in case you didn’t know, an album launch for Letters Never Sent by Arthur Nery is happening soon!

The album launch for ‘Letters Never Sent’ by Arthur Nery will happen on October 27, this Sunday. Because of his recent releases with Life Puzzle and Binhi, we can’t help but be excited for his upcoming album release!

The Album Launch

The Album Launch will feature performances of Peaceful Gemini, John Roa, Calein, Because, and Allison Shore. Initially, Fern was a part of the roster. Unfortunately, an announcement was made just a while ago that he couldn’t make it. Of course, the album artist himself will be performing for the audience. What a lineup!

Beforehand, the album will be put up on Spotify for everybody to listen to. So mark your calendars people! ‘Letters Never Sent’ will be out on October 25! Until then, we will just have to wonder how the whole album may sound like.

What we think though, is that the album will be filled with hurtful music – songs that talk about what ifs, feelings never said, letters never sent. But however they may sound, we just want to say kudos to Arthur Nery for this!

Are you looking forward to the album launch? Will we be seeing you there?

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