St. Wolf releases the official MV for their rendition of ‘You’ll Be Safe Here’ by Rivermaya–giving the classic song their signature Swabecore style!

St. Wolf has just released the official music video on their rendition of Rivermaya’s ‘You’ll Be Safe Here’. It’s always nice to see new artists take the time to look back and give tribute to those that inspired them. But not only is their version a tribute but also a rebirth for the song. Here’s all you need to know about St. Wolf’s ‘You’ll Be Safe Here’ MV.

You’ll Be Safe Here

This classic Rivermaya song is definitely beloved and ageless. Giving us a sense of nostalgia whenever we give it a listen. Do you know how it feels when certain songs are just attached to specific moments of your life? ‘You’ll Be Safe Here’ was the summer anthem of 2005.

But despite such large shoes to fill, St. Wolf managed to give the song a new life with their new sound. They started the song in an almost haunting way, giving focus only to KL Dela Cruz’s smooth vocals. But as the song progressed their skills of a well-honed blend of instrumentals and powerful vocals shone through. Check the video out below:

The asterisk

While the MV in itself intrigued us, showcasing a soft-core kind of grunge. The asterisk neon light in the background caught our attention more. The asterisk is ever-present in St. Wolf’s brand but we can’t help but see how appropriate it is for this song. In the beginning, the asterisk light was in red but towards the end of the video changed into a bright yellow. In tattoos, the asterisk is also an old symbol for the stars. It has been given the meaning, “there’s more.” A symbol that represented that we are not alone in this universe that “there’s more” out there.

Nobody knows

Just why we’re here

Could it be fate

Or random circumstance

Having the symbol shining in the dark is very quintessential. Especially when the theme of the song orbits around the concept of existence.

St. Wolf

St. Wolf has shared that coining their band’s style as Swabecore started as a joke. They weren’t even taking it seriously, but as if a lightbulb went off, they realized that it was a perfect description of their smooth-sexy yet heavy instrumental sound. They started the band as a requirement for one of their classes in college and found that they could actually take it further. The members are composed of KL Dela Cruz, Vince Lucero, Karlo Maglasang, and Bob Sadural.

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