September ain’t over till we say so! How about giving Y ARA’s ‘September’ a listen to end the month right!

October, move out of the way because Y ARA isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to September! Why? Well, Y ARA decided to drop their latest single titled, ‘September’, in the nick of time! Yaaas. 

If you haven’t listened to ‘September’ yet, catch it here right now!

Y ARA’s uplifting mellow song perfectly sets the mood for those who need a little push in life.  Basically, the song tells us that despite going through dark nights, we’re just like the sunrise which will surely shine again.

But then again, it’s hard to build yourself up alone, right? That’s why Y ARA reassures us with ‘September’ that there will always be someone who’s going to be there for you. A person who’s ready to accept your flaws no matter what.

Just like sunrise
Unafraid to show the light
Through the darkest nights
You still find a way to shine
There’s no wonder why
I wanna be by your side
And I know all I need is you

After hearing this song, you can’t help but feel good about yourself and find inner peace. Even if it’s momentarily, it gives you a sense of hope and solace which is what we exactly need in the inevitable chaos of life. So if the month of September gave you a hard time, why not redeem yourself with y ARA’s ‘September’?

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With this song, Y ARA is surely another artist we’ll be looking forward to! In case you didn’t know, Y ARA is an indie-pop duo based in Davao City composed of Gillian Aquino and Jhay Ehidio. They’re known for their hits like ‘Forever’ and ‘The Truth

Ahh, what a time to be alive! Songs of hope are truly what makes music a refuge you need once in a while. And as Y ARA says, their music is the type that comes from their hearts to ours. If you liked this article, make sure to stay tuned here on U Do U for more updates!

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