A new single has just been released by Over October and listening to it will absolutely make you feel somehow good!

Last November 22, a new single has just been released by the four-piece pop rock OPM band Over October. And honestly, it was a bit conflicting. It was able to make us feel good because of the upbeat, positive tone of the song, yet also a bit melancholic upon our own realizations about love. Overall, it was a good feeling somehow that ‘Without Your Love‘ by Over October defeatingly shows us the hard truth in love.

If you haven’t heard the new single yet, give the Spotify Play button a click and enjoy this jam!

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A heartbreak bop at its finest

We feel like we need to ask: who likes having their heart broken? Definitely not us and we’re really sure you don’t either. To this, the highlighted artist of this article says likewise. ‘Without Your Love’ by Over October tells us a story of love which – obviously as you can guess from the tone of this paragraph – ended up with heartbreak. It has a harsh message, yet something rightfully deserved by the recipient at the other end.

Just read the angsty lyrics to the second verse down below.

Manipulator faker taker up and down the escalator
See you later I’m a hater we don’t got a thing that’s greater
Said I made you happy when you’re feeling down
Sent some funny stickers getting rid of your frown

We talk about us and we talk about life
I talked about that things that would make you feel nice
Didn’t get the picture right away from the start
You didn’t take advantage but there’s a hole in my heart

Literally, people can just tear our heart to pieces, and that’s the hardest fact that we have to accept before we should even start loving someone. Choosing to love is accepting the pain that may eventually come with it, but it really doesn’t give people the license to just hurt the ones who trust and love them.

‘Without Your Love’ is a bop, yet also something which shouts foul at the unfairness of love. Again, it’s really, really relatable. 10/10 would listen again.

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