Looking for a great jam during rainy days?

Well, look no further because the enigmatic singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, keshi just released the music video for his single ‘Always‘. Named as an “essential new artist for 2020” by NME, with over 500 million global artist streams and a super engaged and rapidly growing fanbase of over 420K followers on Instagram, Keshi’s new track follows up the release of his buzzing new track titled ‘more’.

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‘Always’ is a mellow but soulful track that is perfectly matched with its music video where the visuals are a lo-fi at home performance video showing keshi in his true element as a multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer. To tell you, listening to and watching it makes you ponder a lot of many things and would definitely pamper you at home while the rain is pouring outside.

In case you haven’t checked ‘Always’ yet, you can watch and enjoy its music video below!

What’s more, the color-grading of the music video adds effect to scrape our minds from the mundane feelings we might have in the midst of rainy nights. It’s also worth noting that in writing Always, keshi actually drew inspiration from one of the tracks of John Mayer.

“always” and “more” follow the release of bandaids which was built on the phenomenal success of skeletons. It is keshi’s buzzed-about ep released last summer, catapulting his total career global artist streams to well over 500 million

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