Umaasa MV by CALEIN perfectly portrays the feeling of waiting for something unsure that we all know too well.

Boasting its very aesthetic chromatic feel, the ‘Umaasa‘ MV by CALEIN follows the story of two unlikely women. When you first lay your eyes on this MV, you’re immediately captivated by the protagonists. Even more, what we love about this video is that it tackles the unsaid truths of being part of the LGBTQ community.

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In a sea full of people, we can’t control who cupid shoots an arrow to, you just feel it. And this is what happened between the two leads. They meet at a party, they get close, but the thing is, the other one’s too afraid to commit to a relationship and admit her true feelings. This is the sad reality of the LGBTQ community we’re talking about. Often, they are ostracized by society to the extent that they can’t even fight for the relationship they want.

And let’s talk about the heartwrenching lyrics:

Buong araw kang iniisip,
mga sulat mo’y binasa
pano ba titigil,
ang pagluha na gawa sa pagmamahalan

Slowly yet surely, CALEIN takes us in an enlightening experience by merging their music with a purpose. CALEIN consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist JD Mustacho, lead guitarist Marcus Ambat, bassist Kleyo Aydalla, and drummer Paul Regalado.

Maybe what the ‘Umaasa’ MV shows us more than we could think. Umaasa in English means “longing” so is it pertaining to CALEIN’s longing for acceptance for the LGBTQ community? Well if yes, we couldn’t agree more! Everyone deserves love. Everyone deserves to love who they love. If you liked this article then make sure to stay tuned here on U Do U for more updates!

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