We The Kings just released a brand new single titled ‘Turn It Up’! And suddenly, it feels like 2010 all over again.

We have been saying this over and over again, but nothing really beats looking back and reminiscing about fun, old times. More often than not, we catch ourselves remembering our elementary and high school moments – the years when everything was a lot simpler. Remember when we used to just jam to ‘Check Yes Juliet’ by We The Kings? Those were the days. 

Speaking of that specific American rock band though, they just released a brand new single four days ago which just hits us with a wave of nostalgia. Titled ‘Turn It Up’, the song carries their signature sound that we all love. Honestly, their band is just gold when it comes to the pop punk genre.

‘Turn It Up’ and an awesome collaboration of rock bands

If you want to listen to ‘Turn It Up’, just simply click the Spotify play button below. A fair warning though, this is a little bit NSFW. Not that it contains any obscene stuff or strong languages, it may just really give you the strong urge to dance.

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Turn It Up came a few weeks just after they unveiled another song titled ‘Where I Belong’. The aforementioned song was a product of their collaboration with rock bands State Champs and Simple Plan.

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Super stoked to be a part of this new song with @simpleplan & @statechampsny, available everywhere tonight!

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Of course, we have listened to it. And what else can we say other than “it’s freaking awesome”? Go ahead and check out ‘Where I Belong’ too by simply playing the Spotify button below.

Just play it already and feel your body respond to the awesomeness that the three bands give off!

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We The Kings is currently having their Fall 2019 tour around the United States. Moreover, we just can’t help but wish for them to have a world tour too. How amazing would it be to just feel the music live and bang our heads along with the band?

Do you like this brand new single by We The Kings? How about their collab song with State Champs and Simple Plan? Let us know what you think about these by commenting down below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.