OPM reggae collective We Got releases Raymund Marasigan-produced ‘Lihim Na Pagtingin’ under Sony Music Philippines.

We Got Photo

Everything may be going downhill, but let’s not completely ignore the summer vibes that have been in the air waiting for us to notice. It’s distressing that there’s a global pandemic, but it wouldn’t hurt to recalibrate our minds into thinking that not everything is within our control. We may not be able to drive out of town, hit the beaches and dip into chilling pools, the heat outside is still a reminder that the world is alive, and so should our souls be. Chill out, people!

‘We Got’ has got you!


It’s not that hard to welcome the summer vibes into your dwelling place. The internet has all the ways to make your quarantine entertaining. Go make yourself Dalgona Coffee. Take a cold bath five times a day. Play reggae music. To make achieving that ‘Finally, it’s summer!’ mindset easier for you, eight-piece reggae band We Got delivers the beach vibes right at your doorstep with their latest track ‘Lihim Na Pagtingin’.

As the song title suggests, it tells the story of two long-time friends who have kept their feelings for one another as a secret. But contrary to the message, Lihim Na Pagtingin is a laid-back track that integrates a steady, groovy beat and a horn section that reminds listeners of the pleasant beach life.

“Finally, courage took over and they finally let their feelings out,” shared vocalist and guitarist Mack dela Cruz. “Love wins.”

Produced by an OPM icon

Lihim Na Pagtingin was produced by Raymund Marasigan, a veteran OPM musician, instrumentalist, and producer, who has been part of other prominent bands like The Eraserheads, Sandwich, and Pedicab.

“Sir Raymund Marasigan is a legendary icon of our generation,” de la Cruz added. “Working with him is even beyond our imagination. He’s very professional, patient, cool, innovative and has a very wild and crazy mind! His ideas are simply out of this world (in a very good way). He never looked down on us. He never failed to boost our confidence, taught so many things which we surely value so much.”

“Lihim Na Pagtingin” is now available on Spotify and other music streaming/download platforms worldwide.

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