The ‘Peklat Cream’ MV by Bita and the Botflies tells the tale of problems from a bygone era that stayed until today.

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The ‘Peklat Cream’ MV by Bita and the Botflies looks like it’s been taken straight from the 50s! Experience it all, complete with a feather boa and toxic masculinity! Just earlier this month after the release of their album of the same name, now comes their MV for ‘Peklat Cream’ out today! And it stars a very beautiful, and very much pregnant Chynna Ortaleza. Watch it with us right here, and get blasted into the past:

Everything seems normal?


We absolutely love the cinematography and direction of the ‘Peklat Cream’ MV by Bita and the Botflies. It’s like when you’re in a completely normal situation but there’s just something off. And you can’t quite put your finger on it. It’s just so eerily well-done.

On the phone? Normal. But having the phone cord wrapped around her neck? Not so much. Washing the dishes? Normal. But dropping the plates on the floor? Not so much. It has beautiful symbolism that shows seemingly normal situations, but if you look a little bit longer there’s actually something wrong.

And that’s reflective in the underlying message of the song about domestic violence. A happily married couple on the outside, but you’d never know what goes on inside closed doors.

If you loved the ‘Peklat Cream’ MV by Bita and the Botflies check out their full album right here:

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We find it so fitting that they styled the MV like it was set in the 50s. Women back then didn’t enjoy even the slightest of privileges that women today have. And we’re pretty sure domestic violence was much more common back then. And that’s what makes it sickening, that domestic violence still happens today. So again, kudos to Bita and the Botflies to have the courage to sing about social issues like these.

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