MNL48 Undergirls slay us with their cuteness once again as they release the new music video for ‘Gingham Check’.

There is no denying that MNL48 consists of 48 adorable and talented girls. Ever since their Showtime days and their ‘Aitakatta’ debut, they have proved that they have the potential and are more than just pretty faces.

In fact, the online community has been recently praising the group for the underrated vocals that they have shown. Watch the fancam video below as a few members beautifully sing acapella at the AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 that was held in Shanghai.

Honestly, the best version of ‘365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel’ that we have heard so far! Just listen to their heavenly vocals and the harmonies that they make, ugh. You can even hear foreigners react positively as they are wowed by the group.

This video circulated heavily on social media because of its obvious amazingness, and we also just can’t help but stan!

MNL48 Undergirls

However, we also have to admit that not all the members of MNL48 really receive the recognition they deserve. Not all of them are often showcased enough because of how big their group is. Moreover, because they follow their Japanese sister group AKB48’s Senbatsu Sousenkyo concept, they have a ranking system to determine their groupings.

The Top 33-48 is part of the Next Girls, Top 17-32 are hailed as the Undergirls, and the Top 16 are recognized as the Senbatsu members. Furthermore, there are also team divisions which are: Team MII, Team NIV, Team L, and Team Trainees.

Yesterday though, it was the group of the Undergirls who were given the time to shine. With the song ‘Gingham Check’, the 1/3rd of the idol group showed us what they were made of. Watch the music video for MNL48’s latest song below.

Again, ‘Gingham Check’ is just a Tagalog counterpart of an existing AKB48 song. So it isn’t a shock that they still sound like they are somehow speaking Nihonggo. Yes, the song is a bop, but we hope that they could also be given the chance to sing an original Filipino song too.

All of that aside, the music video has a cute concept. A part of it scared us though because of how we are reminded of Doki Doki Literature Club. However, the Undergirls did really great! You should just stan them too!

Stan all of them, stan Filipino talent, stan MNL48!

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