Patrick Stump shows off his acting skills in Fall Out Boys new music video Bishops Knife Trick, the latest single from their new album, Mania. The video shows vocalist Patrick Stump directing a music video for the song, and well, things aren’t exactly going his way.

“Patrick took a seat in the director’s chair for the Bishops Knife Trick vid and things didn’t go as planned (or did they?),” reads the Fall Out Boys new music video description. “Let’s just say there was quite a bit of monkeying around on set.”

As the video opens, Stump is already frustrated with the llamas’ musical performance in his directing foray. The llamas sit down at a piano and drum set to give the video another go, but Stump continues to express his disapproval. As they play their instruments for the power ballad, the singer continues to step in with increasing anger before two of the llamas start to fight each other.

After numerous confrontations, Stump decides to get in front of the camera himself.

Die hard Fall Out Boy fans will note that many moments of this video are a nod to the band’s music video for “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” from 2007’s Infinity On High, which shows the band being directed on set by a group of chimpanzees.

While the other three band members, Joe Trohman, Pete Wentz, and Andy Hurley may not have been featured in the new Fall Out Boys music video, fans will be happy to know the band will all be getting together to hit the road later this summer, and besides, this was pretty much Patrick Stump’s time to shine! The band will launch the sixth leg of their Mania tour this August with support from Machine Gun Kelly. As well as Rise Against who will join for the band’s Chicago dates.

Check out the hilarious Fall Out Boys music video here: