After ‘Mundane’, their last album, Lions & Acrobats just released a brand new single titled ‘Warrior’.

The ‘Mundane’ album has been released two years ago and since then, we have been waiting for a new release from the six-piece independent rock band, Lions & Acrobats. Finally, they have dropped a new song titled ‘Warrior’ last October 27. The aforementioned song stands as the first single for their upcoming EP.

Listen to ‘Warrior’ by Lions & Acrobats and watch their music video down below.

Just in case you related to the video more than enough, we feel like we should warn you too: Drink Responsibly!

Warrior from the upcoming EP, ‘Auteur’

Warrior is the first single from the band’s upcoming Extended Play album called ‘Auteur’. Moreover, the EP features songs that each band member have chosen. Among Icoy Rapadas (vocals), Jim Lopez, Carlo Lava and Andrew Son (guitars), Oteph Tumambing (bass) and Jiggy Ilagan (drums), Warrior is apparently one of the band’s bassist’s choices.Lions and Acrobats

Photo taken from the official Facebook page of Lions & Acrobats

Speaking of the song, we have observed that Warrior has some very intense lyrics that are full of angst. Check out the first few parts of the song below:

Keep your lips sealed
Don’t say a fucking word
Don’t make a sound
Just turn right back around

You can’t break me down
You can’t tear me down
I’m not caving in
‘Cause I won’t be around

I’m scared
Don’t you dare run back to me
I’m scared
To be disappointed once again

What we think of it is that Warrior talks about a toxic relationship. Probably, it may even specifically signify a manipulative one. Because based on the lyrics above, the singer is actually telling his loved one to stop appealing to him.

Perhaps, it may be because of an endless tiring cycle of faults and arguments that will just repeat again and again. After all, these can just make them sick, tired, and even more disappointed with each other.

Overall, we really like ‘Warrior’ though and how it brings out our anger towards the pain that comes hand-in-hand with love. Moreover, the part where they just scream “I’m scared” really got to us. So hey, to the people who hurt us before, don’t you dare come back just to hurt us once again!

On the other hand, we are so looking forward to the rest of the tracks included in Lions & Acrobats’ Auteur EP!

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