“Home is where the right person is.” Room 14 takes us to a rollercoaster ride of emotions with their new single, ‘Wanderer’!

In case you haven’t heard Room 14 before, they’re worth checking out because of their out of this era music (literally)! If you’re missing the electro-pop 80s vibe, Room 14’s got you covered my friend! Room 14’s music can be described as “feel good” songs with a heavy synth vibe, talking about the reality of life and love and of course—the people behind it.

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Room 14 is consisted of Adz Gantioqui (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Bryan Matias (Keytar, Backing Vocals), AJ Pangilinan (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Joshua Reyes (Bass), AJ Gomez (Keyboards, Synthesizers), and Pauljohn Unana (Drums). 


Don’t lie! You know those songs which will make you feel sorts of emotions and there’s really no in-between? Well, fall in love with Room 14’s new single, ‘Wanderer’ and let your emotions go out of control. You find yourself sitting on the corner thinking of your ex or present S.O. (special someone) and reminiscing all the memories you have. Despite the emotions running through, you’ll definitely feel “good”. And that’s what Room 14 probably wants to do.

‘Wanderer’ is basically going on a trip with someone who always feels like it’s home whenever you’re with them. It’s definitely a go-to song when you’re in an escapade with your partner and want to set the mood. ‘Wanderer’ encapsulates what rollercoaster ride song truly is. When you hear it, it starts as a kind of ballad song but then BOOM—an explosion of different textures of sound. Room 14 proves it’s coming-of-age synth band by incorporating electro, crisp, distorted tunes while still giving off a warm and bright vibe into their music. With ‘Wanderer’, Room 14 reinvents itself, proving them to be a band worth listening to! And we can’t wait for more of their new songs!

In case you haven’t heard of it, be sure to stream ‘Wanderer’ by Room 14 on Spotify!

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