‘Wakasan’ by Agsunta is one of the outstanding song numbers of #HimigHandog2018. And we heard the OPM band sing it live on ASAP just this Sunday

ABS-CBN paves way once again for dreams to come true in the Himig Handog 2018 songwriting competition. And as we’ve mentioned, one of the remarkable song numbers in this year’s season is ‘Wakasan’ by Agsunta.

And if you want to see them perform it, we have the full performance for you to enjoy right here!

You have probably heard of Agsunta––an alternative and indie band who does impressive song covers and collaborations. They are the chosen interpreters of this Himig Handog entry.

Philip Jarilla, on the other hand, is the songwriter of the said song. He’s one of the talented people who made it to the top 10 of Himig Handog 2018 through his original composition. And if you think you’ve heard of him before, that’s probably because this composer from Antipolo is also known for writing ‘Kariton’ that was interpreted by Acapellago.

So how about we give ‘Wakasan’ by Agsunta another listen? But this time, keep your attention on the the words as we present you a lyric video of the song right here.

Maghihintay pa rin itong puso ko

Mag-aabang hanggang maging tayo

Sakali mang hindi pa pagkakataon

Baka bukas na ang tamang panahon

Maghihintay ako hanggang sa wakas

‘Wakasan’ by Agsunta comes off as an upbeat song number. Yet it is bound to make some hearts break with its emotional lyrics! All about fighting for a love knowing that you would lose in the end, we’re sure you know that you’d agree that the lyrics of this song is quite heart-wrenching.

Agsunta and Philip Jarilla working side by side definitely resulted in a sensational number for the Himig Handog 2018! No wonder that they made it to the top 10 of the songwriting competition, and is currently stirring a hype in the Philippine music scene.

‘Wasakan’ is now available on Spotify, and with the weather like this, it should definitely find its way to your playlist!

So tell us, did you like ‘Wakasan’ by Agsunta? And do you have other favorites in the Himig Handog 2018? Share it to us in the comment section below! Or better yet, you might want to send us a message on our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to hear from you too!