The long wait is over! Because the Wait MV by Over October is finally out and we’re so done waiting!

A week ago, Wait MV by Over October premiered in MYX. And after another waiting time, the band has dropped the official music video in their social media accounts! The waiting has finally paid off!

‘Wait’ by Over October tells the story of waiting for someone who, possibly, may never be yours (just as the lyrics say). Or somehow, just simply waiting in vain. It is very straightforward yet poetic at the same time. But it’s relatable. Over October doesn’t need to put too many flowery words because they’re able to capture the emotions in their music.

Moreover, the music video featured the guy doing most of his time waiting and trying to take the right opportunity to hold the girl’s hand. It can translate to “the act of confession” at the same time. And you can sense the patience of the guy, even after seeing the girl talking to another. We can hear the exasperated sights every time he fails to hold her hand. We know right!

If you missed the release of ‘Wait’ MV in MYX, check the video down there!

Waiting on someone who’ll never be yours

It sounds stupid bizarre but you stay a little more

Yes, you wait

Oh, you wait

Over October has been releasing their songs left and right. But fans, (including us, duh) are waiting to see their music videos. And yes, they have delivered! The four-piece pop/alternative rock band tells relatable stories and experiences in their songs. Their music influences such as John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Coldplay, and Hillsong made them carve their own identity in the local music scene.

Ever since they have started, the band continued to make their own music despite the concentrated bands in the indie scene. But because of their hard work, talent, and empathetic music, they’ve gained and improved a lot over the course of 2 years.

And with the release of the ‘Wait’ MV, we might get another soon enough. Well, we hope so!

If you loved the music video of ‘Wait’, then head out to Spotify and add it your playlists! Stat!

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