Mayonnaise gives us their latest single that’s full of pain and desperation. It’s called ‘Wag Mo Akong Iwan’, and it is out on Spotify now!

Begging someone to stay is a real tragedy. And for those who have experienced it, you’d know it would take more than just swallowing whatever pride you have to be asking someone to stay with you. What’s funny is that the more we beg them to stay, the more they leave! OPM band Mayonnaise translates these feelings seamlessly from paper to music as they released ‘Wag Mo Akong Iwan’.


Mayonnaise is a classic. We dare say that. I think we can all agree that the band has given us some of the biggest hits of our generation! Formed in 2002, the band has been creating music that people of any profile can relate to. We screamed our hearts with ‘Tayo Na Lang Dalawa’, became a little emotional with ‘Synesthesia’, and went a little romantic with ‘Ipagpatawad Mo’! Their songs are timeless and most of us still listen to them up to the present. 17 years of glorious music.

Unbeknownst to some, the band has had very little changes in its band members with backing vocalist Maan Furio leaving the band to pursue a career outside the country. Today, the band’s members are Monty Macalino on guitar and vocals, Shan Regalado on drums, Carlo Servano on lead guitar, Nikki Tirona on bass and vocals and Keano Swing on rhythm guitar and backing vocals.

Wag Mo Akong Iwan

‘Wag Mo Akong Iwan’ is a song off of the ‘Gusto Ko Lang Kasama Ka Palagi Pero Hindi Pwede’ album. I think that more than anything else, this song communicates despair, one that you’ll only feel when you have no other option but to suck it up and beg the person you love to stay. Most of us have already been there, but what we do know now is that if they wanted to stay, we need not beg them to.

On the other hand, ‘Wag Mo Akong Iwan’ can also be interpreted in a non-romantic type of love If we look into the lyrics, it says nowhere that it’s about a girlfriend or an S.O. The song can be for a dying loved one if you look into the lyrics. “Ayokong kalimutan dahil di ko na kaya. Hindi ko matanggap na wala ka na,” makes sense in that interpretation, too!

Stream the song on Spotify, too!

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