Usisa by Bullet Dumas—this is what Filipinos need to hear right now.

Bullet Dumas is one the many voices of Filipino folk singer-songwriters. He’s known for his rhythmic and acoustic folk music, and he much prefers to play them live. And this Oct. 5, he just rendered a successful major concert.

His style has been called many times by critics as ‘earthy’ and ‘raw’. And of the hundreds of emerging OPM artists, Bullet expresses his art with much distinction.

What does ‘Usisa’ mean anyway?

To put it simply, ‘Usisa’ means to know, to investigate, and other terms for inquiry.  But this song could also be about raising awareness, with the rest of us turning a blind eye on what is currently happening around us, and what will still be happening. Pay attention to the details in his words.

Usisa, is one of the ten songs under his album with the same name. It’s an eight-minute track that may overwhelm you with its mouthful of lyrics. But know that the lyrics are what makes it a masterpiece.

And to be quite frank, all we need is a cinematic music video to match it and it will all be an epic combo for a patriotic work of art.

Listen to him pluck the strings and sing a song of truth.

Pusong nagnanais ng kasagutan.

The line above roughly translates to’ a heart that yearns for answers’.

For Bullet, ‘Usisa’ means to search for the truth as he describes how it’s parallel to his inquisitive trait, a truth seeker. He yearns to discover all things about nature, love and topics about social issues. Bullet aims to understand the world, or at least what surrounds him.

And isn’t that what all want in life—to understand it?

Plus, check out the equally incredible album art!

Observing the layers of different faces could tell us that it is the depiction of Bullet’s journey to self-discovery. Perhaps this is even what inspired him to create ‘Usisa’.

These faces could be the representation of all the emotions and ideas that he has collected along the way.

You may also see that there is one pair of eyes staring directly at the viewer. This could be Bullet himself saying “Listen, and heed my words.”

Listen to Bullet Dumas here on Spotify!

Bullet dumas has a whole collection of songs under his album ‘Usisa’. Much like a festive buffet, each of what is served has a different flavor to it.

After that huge concert and that live gig at 12 Monkeys, there has been no news where Bullet might perform next. But worry not, you guys! Once they’ve posted an event, we’ll surely be looping you in!

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