LATEST DROP: Unique Salonga’s ‘Lamang Lupa’ MV filmed through VHS

Like a blast in the past, Unique’s ‘Lamang Lupa’ music video goes vintage with the use of VHS!

O/C Records star, Unique Salonga continues to wow us as ‘Lamang Lupa‘ music video debuts! But instead of the regular music video, they kick it up a notch and takes it to the next level. The music video released is a vertical video, riding the trend of vertical videos. But that’s not all! They had it taped using a VHS too!

For quite some time, O/C Records have shown originality and creativity in their work. Not only in the music of their artists but also in the production of their music videos. They don’t restrict nor control their artists in their own artistic preference. And it goes to show in every work they release. And with Unique, well, as his name suggests, he’s the most unique of all O/C Records Odd Creatures.

Lamang Lupa music video

Ever since he started his rise in the local music scene, Unique Salonga has always been an odd and mysterious person. No matter when or where—he stands out with his oddity. And this time, he lets us into his world of peculiarity.

In the VHS-filmed vertical video, Unique is seen doing crazy idiosyncrasies on camera. It’s either he’s making faces or dancing bizarre dance move like no one’s watching. Donning strange outfits that somehow quite fit his personality, he emanates this weird yet familiar vibe of being eccentric in the world of conventionality.

He wore an outlandish purple suit and an oversized white one with his head that seemed to be popping out. For some, it might just look unnatural for his song, ‘Lamang Lupa’. But it perfectly fits the bill. ‘Lamang Lupa’ talks about escaping life and its normality. And the eccentricity he showed in the video shows what someone feels like. Trying to escape the normality of life, we try to be different and be who we want to be.

You can check out ‘Lamang Lupa’ on Spotify!

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