For people who struggle to express their emotions, Unique Salonga’s Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit will hit too close to home.


It is frustrating, for ourselves and for the other person, when we fail to communicate what’s going on inside us. That’s what Unique Salonga is trying to tell us in his recent drop Huwag Ka Sanang Magalit, released under O/C records today.

Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit

Lagi lang tal’gang nababalisa

Lagi lang tal’ga akong nahihiya

Tuwing magsisimula na sa pagsasalita

Oh, ayoko nang ipilit

Huwag ka sanang magagalit

Have you ever found yourself wanting to ask some emotional support, but you decided against it because of your fear of being misjudged? Or there’s been an issue going on inside you and you wanna bring it up, but you don’t wanna come across as a crybaby so you just keep it to yourself?

Unique Salonga says you’re not alone. His latest track Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit is the anthem for people who are inside their heads most of the time, afraid to speak their minds, express their deeper desires, show their vulnerable side. It tells the struggle of being stuck in that paralyzing position, and you’re unable to do anything about it except hope that the other person doesn’t get fed up with it as much as you do.

A perfect lullaby

The 19-year-old Filipino singer-songwriter has done it again: showing off his fascinatingly unique sound. Combining a calm, steady beat with a dynamic arrangement, Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit immerses its listeners to the artist’s uniquely colorful musicality. The dreamlike atmosphere that surrounds the track is gonna fill you with serenity, reminding you of cold, starry nights.

Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit is one of Unique Salonga’s singles off his latest album Pangalan, released today. (Read more: Are You Ready For Unique Salonga’s Second Album?) You can now stream it on Spotify and other digital streaming platforms.

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