It’s been exactly a week from now since the Unique Salonga new album surprise. But before that, who could forget all the Unique Memes (aka Grandma memes) that flooded our feeds?

Some loved it, some hated it, and some even thought, before the Unique album dropped,  that he is c a n c e l l e d. The prodigal son of IV of Spades finally got what he “deserved” for leaving the band. Not to mention, he also dropped a new song only minutes after his old bandmates released a new music video. Some say that that was actually what prompted the Unique Salonga memes.

Could it be that this is how the world gets back at the frontman who turned his back on the band?

The band split up last May, without any explanation from Unique regarding his decision. And after months, there’re still no words, only new music videos and surprise releases. So we, the audience, do what we do best—react in memes.

The most popular lyrics to be dissected for the memes were of the band’s most popular song, Mundo.

Here are some of our favorites:

Who doesn’t like a good My Chemical Romance reference?
What are memes without Drake, right?

But a few days later, he sashayed away all the haters, and got tons of rave reviews for his new album.

Translation: Unique’s success is our successs. It’s the music scene’s success. We weren’t outdone, but we were lited up because something as a good as it serves as an open door for more people from the [Indie OPM] scene to be heard. Hehe. 

And so some people got to thinking…

Translation: What if the Unique Memes from the past few weeks are all one viral marketing stunt for Unique’s new album? 

How about you? Do you think the Unique Salonga new album was promoted by these Unique memes? And would you want to see more of Unique songs, gigs, and more? Let us know so we can work on adding Unique Salonga to the list of Afterparty artists! Check them out now by downloading it from the APP Store or PLAY Store.