It’s the first time we’re hearing Unique Salonga release a track—following his break up with IV of Spades—and his mellow, sweet song drives him apart from the upbeat style of his former band.

Wishing that I’ll be

The man that you’ll touch and see

I’ll give my love that can’t explain

We will be running in the rain

And I will hold your hand

Midnight Sky is a song you’d want to listen to as you sip your coffee with a cigarette in your hand, especially on this rainy week. It has this bittersweet, melancholic feels that would make you think about that someone you’re in love with.

Watch the video here, under Kean Cipriano’s O/C Records:

His debut song did not disappoint, and as an honest opinion, this sound suits him perfectly. The video of him dramatically singing in black and white also popped his new personality—the mysterious man who looks like he has all his guards up, but actually has a fragile heart. (Also, why is everyone releasing hits like this—Autotelic with Takipsilim and Ben&Ben with Sunrise?)

On the other hand, IV of Spades also released their music video for new single, In My Prison, 30 minutes before Unique dropped his. Contrary to Unique’s, IV of Spades is on the other side of the pole, with the song itself being too heavy.

I’m in my prison

And I am the only prey

You are the reason

Why my heart and soul would stay

In all honesty, their MV looked like a Panic! At The Disco video, and it’s not really surprising how they were able to pull off that kind of grunge and eerie look. Said video immediately went on YouTube trending, with comments from fans saying that it was “aesthetically pleasing” and “can compete to international bands”.

I think we can all agree that IV of Spades—with or without Unique Salonga—is one of those bands with individually talented members. Albeit apart, they can manage to do well in the music industry, and these new releases from the two artists are just starting proofs.