Went through a break-up? Having that #sepanx feels? We got you. Check out the newly released Unan by Because and John Roa to keep you company while you down that bottle of gin.

Break-ups are tough when you’ve been together for a long time. Scratch that! Regardless of how long, when you got used to having a certain someone with you and then all of a sudden leaves, it’s going to be difficult to get over it. That’s because they’ve imprinted on you. Their scent, sound, and feel? That’s going to get stuck in your system and you can’t just snap your fingers for them to go. Unan by Because and John Roa relays exactly that message.

Just Because

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Bj Castillano a.k.a Because, representing Valenzuela City, is a rising rapper in the Philippine Hip Hop/Rap Scene. He is an artist of Flow Minister and known for #swabe AF music and eximious lyrics. This dude’s flow is impeccable.

A year ago, he released his song ‘Marlboro Black’ in his social media and it blew up! UNRTHDOX, a Youtube user, posted this song in the platform and it was appreciated by millions. Even though the rapper didn’t really give permission for the admin to post it, because of its reach, he just let it be. Last November 15, Because released a new jam for all our #sawi peeps out there and it is called ‘Unan’. With his sick flow, John Roa’s soulful voice enveloped with eargasmic beats the song is expected to be a hit too!


Kahit na pilitin kong limutin na hindi ko magawa-gawa
Ikaw pa rin hanggang ngayon
Ang hirap isipin na ayos ka na
Masaya sa piling ng iba
Iba pa rin pag tayong dalawa

A song with faultless beats and engaging lyrics is how we would describe ‘Unan’ by Because and John Roa. It tackles the struggles that come along with break-ups. How difficult it is to forget the times that you’ve spent together and to accept the fact that the other has already moved on. Indeed, this jam is going to sting so you might want to waterproof your unan cause you might wet them with your tears while listening to this song.

The song is a gift to the OPM community and it is currently hitting around 400k on Youtube and with its awesome production, we’re expecting it to get even higher in the coming days. Truly there are plenty of amazing artists in the Philippines they are just waiting to be discovered. So let’s all keep an eye (or an ear) out, who knows? The next hitmaker may be sitting beside you in the jeepney. 😉

Listen to ‘Unan’ on Spotify now!

How’d you find Unan by Because and John Roa? Did you like it? Are you brokenhearted? Does it hurt like hell? Yes? Awww here’s a hug! Hey, you can always talk to us in the comment section below or message us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Go on, message away! We gotchu!