When love hurts you, there is a chance that you would be scared to ever love again. Janine Teñoso says don’t be.

Feel the pain, then let yourself heal. For sure, your heart just might be ready to love again soon.

The last time we have heard of Janine Teñoso‘s voice was when we listened to the soundtrack of the “Miracle in Cell No. 7” Philippine adaptation. As an official song used for the movie, she sang “Tag-Araw” and of course, she did it beautifully. Now, she has released a new single titled “Umibig Muli” which she wrote herself.

After her debut single “Fall”, this is her second self-penned composition. She released it a day after her single launch which was held at Jess & Pat’s, Maginhawa St. in Quezon City last January 9. And seeing how talented Janine Teñoso is as an artist, we were sure that her first 2020 single would be amazing. Obviously, she didn’t disappoint.

Umibig Muli

Before all else, listen to Janine Teñoso’s newest self-written single “Umibig Muli” by simply playing the YouTube lyric video below!

Using her beautiful, mellow voice, Janine Teñoso surely charmed us with this new single of hers. Talking about the pain that comes from love, she eventually shares a positive message about healing. Just read some of the lyrics from “Umibig Muli” below!

Tumingala kahit gulong-gulo aking isip
‘Di maiwasang pumikit at isuko ang sakit sa langit
Iniisip na lang
Na lahat ng bakit ay may kasagutan

Ooohh minamasdan kita habang hagkan-hagkan mo siya
Ooohh ako ay mag-isa at masaya ka sa iba

Ngunit kahit ‘di lahat ng lumaban ay nagwagi
Hindi rin lahat ng talunan ay nalugi
At kahit ngayon ang puso ko ay nasawi
Balang araw ako ay matututo ring umibig muli

Admittedly, this bittersweet single may have brought a few sentimental tears to our eyes. But on a note, good music really does make us cry every time.

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