LATEST DROP: Umaga by Shanne Dandan

Waking in us a sense of hope, Shanne Dandan’s ‘Umaga’ hits us with its festive tunes and amazing vocals!

Let’s be honest. If a song is from Shanne Dandan, it is definitely something to look out for. After stunning us with ‘Nag-iisa’, Shanne Dandan went and released another song which is sure to bring us hope in the darkest of our days. Filling us with inspiration in life is ‘Umaga’, and it is out on Spotify now! But first, here’s the official lyric video!

Shanne Dandan

Shanne has definitely made her presence very well-known in the Filipino music scene when she became TV 5’s Born To Be A Star champion. In 2018, she released her very first original single called ‘Nag-iisa’, and we totally lived for it! The song showcased the signature Shanne sound. Although she’s only 19, Shanne has proven herself to be a formidable artist, one that we will all look out for! How can we not? With those insane vocals, she could easily compare to some of the best artists of our time.

Her love for music has deep roots. She took interest in singing at the age 2, and could carry a tune by humming at age 3! Hell, the only thing I did when I was that age was cry and ask for snacks. Shanne also joined the first ever ‘The Voice Kids Philippines’and ended being a finalist for Coach Lea Salonga. This was before she joined Born To Be A Star. Aside from singing, Shanne is also fond of writing and painting. Talent, guys, talent (slow clap).


Following ‘Nag-iisa’ and the same amazing vocals that adorned the song, ‘Umaga’ had this festive tunes that sound inspirational even in the parts where there are no lyrics. Of course, it opens immediately with Shanne’s voice. The song talks about encouragement and tells us not to cry because, despite the darkest of the night, the morning will still come. You can stream ‘Umaga’ on Spotify now!

A symbol of a new beginning, the morning and the sunrise were perfectly used in the song’s lyrics to tell us that no matter how dark a place we are in right now, it’s not the end. What did you think about ‘Umaga’? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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