A lamentation for the broken, the beaten, and the hopeful—’Umaasa’ by Calein speaks for everyone wishing they could turn back time.

Releasing their second single under O/C Records, Calein sets us up for another tearjerker. To prove us that they really are a band to look forward to, Calein drops their newest single, ‘Umaasa’, a collaboration with Unique!

Known for their alternative, atmospherical pop-rock sound, Calein delivers hefty emotions through their music. Digging into the human emotion, they encapsulate the very essence of what a broken heart screams out for. Sorrow, despair, and hope. Though it sounds heavy and overcast, the beauty of their music is to how it relates to the listeners. They make it sound relatable that instead of sulking over it, you ponder how those emotions and thoughts make up your life. Like a mirror, Calein’s music allows you to reflect on your inner self and emotions, one at a time.

And ‘Umaasa’ isn’t an exception to that kind of approach. With the collaboration of Unique, it gives more depth. As the song circles around, it builds up the momentum, heavier than before. It gradually builds up from the soothing guitar riffs and drums.

The instruments do not overwhelm the vocals of JD and Unique but perfectly mixes it. The tiny hint of falsetto from them gives texture, making it compelling and gritting, like someone who’s really on the edge of their emotions. Even the slow fade at the end perfectly fits the narrative and feel of ‘Umaasa’.


Magbabalik ang nakaraan,

Ibabalik ang pinag mulan,



At first take, you’d find ‘Umaasa’ quite intimidating. Daunting, to be exact. The feeling of false hope in both life and love can be daunting. The song narrates how one wishes for things to go back to how it used to be. Hoping, wishing, praying things would be the same like before. But all you can do is hope. We’ve been all there. Longing for the love, for the happiness and even for the sadness of the past. But all you can do is hope.

‘Umaasa’ by Calein is out on Spotify, so stream it! Definitely the perfect song for the chilly sweater weather.

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