LATEST DROP: Ultraelectromagneticpop! by Eraserheads

Remastered and bringing back the classic rock we’ve loved, ultraelectromagneticpop! by Eraserheads is out on Spotify!

Just last week, ultraelectromagneticpop! by Eraserheads re-emerges back anew for its 25th anniversary. Ely Buendia, frontman of Eraserheads, teases fans with his cryptic Instagram posts. It made a buzz in all social media since the band has been one of the classic rock legends in the country.

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ultraelectromagneticpop!’ is the debut album of Eraserheads that spawned anthemic songs of the band like, ‘Toyang’, ‘Pare Ko’, ‘Ligaya’, and ‘Tindahan ni Aling Nena’. Not only did it give birth to hit songs but also brought the underground Philippine college rock scene into the public

Quick trivia! DYK? ‘ultraelectromagneticpop’ is actually a pun about “ultraelectromagentic top,” a weapon from Voltes V!

Ely Buendia shared in his Instagram posts that the classic debut album will be remastered by Bernie Grundman, a legendary audio engineer. The remastered edition of the album certainly brings back the same music we’re heard way back in the ’90s. The feels of the music was all old school and classic, just like it came back straight from the ’90’s cassette tapes and CDs!

“Relive the memories of this groundbreaking Filipino music milestone,” Ely said in his Instagram post and yes, we are reminiscing the golden days of Eraserheads and all of the classic Philippine rock legends. It’s true, we are still listening to Eraserheads up until now. What can we say, ’90s Philippine rock scene is our guilty pleasure. And the remastered edition of ‘ultraelectromagneticpop!’ completes it!

Upcoming reunion, eh?

But what ticks us from Ely’s cryptic posts is the possibility of another reunion concert of the band. (Which is where we will be splurging our money if it happens!) The last we’ve seen of the band was way back in 2016 for a reunion concert as well. But reaching 25 years is a milestone to celebrate, right?

Ilang isaw pa ba ang kakainin namin? Ilang tanzan pa ba ang aming iipunin? A lot of fans are getting the sense that this might be another reunion concert but we don’t want to get our hopes up. (But we do want it!) We are not “toyang” at all for the reunion concert, guys!

So, while we wait, hope, and pray that a reunion concert is in the making, we suggest that you binge on the album that made our childhoods exciting, ‘ultraelectromagneticpop!’ by Eraserheads.

Check out the remastered edition on Spotify and relive the memories!

Have you listened to the remastered edition of ultraelectromagneticpop! by Eraserheads? Hoping for a reunion concert? We are too! Share us your thoughts on the comments section below. Or better yet,  message us through our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to hear from you!

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