It is indeed a happy new year because UDD drops 3 new songs! Yup, three great songs to welcome 2019 with!

People said 2019 is gonna be amazing, and I think so too. All thanks to UDD, it seems like the new year really has good things in store for us.

Ending 2018 with a bang and a spectacular hello to 2019 as UDD drops 3 new songs from their 4th album!

Formerly known as Up Dharma Down, UDD has already established a name for themselves in the Philippine music scene. Three of the chart-topping hits of this renowned OPM band are ‘Tadhana’, ‘Oo’, and ‘Indak’.

OPM lovers went crazy, especially their avid fans when UDD announced the release of three new songs from their fourth album! Despite being busy with family during the holidays, I just couldn’t help but put everything on hold just so I could listen to these tracks!

With UDD, my expectations were high. And of course, they did not fail in making my OPM heart happy!


One of the three tracks, ‘Anino’ by UDD is actually a part of the OST of the movie ‘Kung Paano Siya Nawala’. And I must say, I’m in no way heartbroken at the moment, but wow. I feel like I am while listening to this song!

The song starts off with a strong persona. Expressing how things are no longer right and must finally come to an end. It shows determination to finally leave the person behind. But as the song progresses, it shows that despite the strong will to do so, the other side of the person just wants to be understood.

And of course, along with wanting to be understood, is the desire to feel that the person wants you to stay.

Kailangan pa ba, kailangan kita
Nasaan ka na, nariyan ka pa ba
Ika’y sumumpa, hindi mawawala ang iyong pag-sinta
Huwag mo, huwag mo akong iiwan

It’s very relatable, right? Knowing that you’re not getting what you deserve and the relationship is not worth it anymore so you’re positive you have to leave. But the soft side in you wishes that with the threat of your departure, all the promises that they’ve made would come flooding back in and would ask you to stay so they could live up to it.

And after everything, you’re still the one who apologizes. Uhhh, martyrs huhu.

‘Stolen’ and ‘Crying Season’

UDD’s ‘Stolen’ actually stole my heart and I can’t wait to finally be able to check the lyrics! It’s truly a feel-good song because of the great music. You could actually find yourself listening to this song with your earphones on and at full blast, with your eyes closed, and not noticing that you’re swaying to its beat!

‘Crying Season’ on the other hand, is a song that I’d find myself playing while rain is pouring down the windowpane. Talk about imagining your very own music video, right? ‘Crying Season’ makes me feel like I’m heartbroken yet again although I’m not… believe me, I’m not! But UDD has this power to make you feel all kinds of things. No wonder they are such a favorite!

Have you listened to these three great songs? Stream them now on Spotify!

Are you overjoyed as UDD drops 3 new songs? I know I am! What do you think of these 3 new tracks from their 4th album? Is it on repeat on your Spotify? Did you add it to your playlist already? Tell us in the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Have an amazing 2019, everyone!