A timeless sensation, UDD has always been a crowd favourite with their soulful take on songs! And now, they have graced us once again with a new album called ‘U D D’.

We couldn’t have been prepared for what was coming. UDD just dropped their fourth and latest self-titled album, and it’s a groovy take on hurtful lyrics paired with amazing instrumentation!

Behind UDD

Anyone would know that UDD is the abbreviation for Up Dharma Down. But I’ll have you know that this is now their official band name! We all loved them for how good their songs were, and so Up Dharma Down made quite the noise in the Filipino music scene. But since their rise to popularity, fans took a liking on shortening it up to UDD. We can’t blame the fans, though. Up Dharma Down really is a mouthful! It only makes sense how fans would abbreviate it since they are being talked about a lot when it comes to the music they create.

Because of this, the band decided early in 2017 to make UDD their official band name! Confusion even started when an online article was published talking about how Armi was saying ‘goodbye’ to Up Dharma Down. Well, fans thought she was leaving the band, but it turns out they are saying goodbye to the name, not the band itself! Armi cleared this up through a Facebook post and there’s our first hint of a new album!

In the same year, they released three teaser tracks –’Anino’, ‘Stolen’, and ‘Crying Season’.

7 years of waiting

Can you believe it’s been 7 years since Capacities? It was their previous album which contained timeless tracks like ‘Tadhana’ and ‘Indak’. These are tracks that stuck with us through the years! And now, after 7 years, the album called ‘U D D’ is here. It was a few months when the band finally hinted on accomplishing the album through Instagram posts from the drummer, Ean Mayor, captioned ‘D O N E’. The band’s vocalist, Armi Millare even reposted the photo saying that they have waited 7 years for this!

Well, we did, too, and it was 7 years too long, but worth it!


With this, U D D is the band’s first self-titled album under their new name, and there are 11 amazing tracks you can listen to. It’s also ornamented with groovy tunes that you couldn’t help but dance to, like in true U D D fashion!

The opening track, ‘Fool Truth’ is currently our favourite. With its lyrics, it presents how the album would go– a dose of hurt chased with great instrumentation. That oh-so-sexy sax in the background does it for us, but you can’t deny how just listening to the words of the song can make you cry. No joke!

Definitely stream the entire album on Spotify, and we guarantee you, you’re in for a wild roller coaster ride of emotions with this!

This definitely would be good for years more, but we’re already left wanting more! Tell us what your favourite track is on the comments down below after you listen to it! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.