Skin and bones—the Typecast new video bares it all for ’Perfect Posture’.

You read that right, the early 2000s Filipino band is back. And the Typecast new video pierces through our hearts with its raw visuals and  insightful lyrics.

What are we talking about? The Typecast new video for Perfect Posture, of course. And you can watch it with us here now.

Perfect posture is a song about hope. Dealing with the struggles and anxieties in life, facing your inner demons. Kind of a reminder that you’re not alone in this and that there are people who understand and are willing to help.

— Steve Badiola, guitarist

The band released the video just in time for Mental Health week, and it couldn’t be more timely. At first listen, it really does sink in your skin and onto your bones.

The video shows you different parts of the human body, different parts from different people—how we are all so different, and yet so very alike. We all have different birthmarks, different stains, different creases, different shapes and edges, but just the same, we’re all human.

The song asks you questions that make you think. In fact, at the end of the video, they’ll lave you with this:

Is this the perfect time to leave this world behind?

These words play in the video as different types of people from different walks of life are shown—each one of them at the edge of their rope. And you either feel like you want to save them, or perhaps, you might even feel exactly how they do.

But do let us know, what did YOU feel about the Typecast new video for ‘Perfect Posture’? Did you feel as much as we did, or do you have other opinions about it? Was it a little too graphic for your taste, or do you think it was just the right kind of push for more people to talk about mental health?

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