Up for a triple treat? Well, Nadine Lustre, Sam Concepcion, and Nicole Omillo are looking awesome in the official music video for ‘Triangulo’!

We are just drowning in excitement as we wait for ‘Indak‘! This is probably the most-anticipated movie of the year and the only Pinoy dance musical for the longest time! As part of the movie’s soundtrack, the official music video for Nadine Lustre, Sam Concepcion, and Nicole Omillo’s rendition of ‘Triangulo’ is now out. We must warn you, it is looking HOT!

No dancing? Well, yeah. We can see that they did not dance so much in this video despite the song being fast-paced (also, despite them being dressed to dance). Well, to be fair, while a dance performance would be great to watch, the song doesn’t really fit that message. It’s either that or they just chose not to do it. But let’s just leave all the dancing to the movie, eh? It’s nice to have room for curiosity!

Sounds familiar?

Immediately after the chorus, we all went, “I’ve heard this before.” Well, that’s because we have! Who could forget how catchy this song was?! This is actually their rendition of Thyro, Yumi, and Jeric’s PHILPOP 2015 entry!

If we’re talking about the original, it also is amazing! The three singers are also great ones and you can really see why this song has to be sung in threes.

Cloudy with a chance of love triangles…

This music video might be dropping us an Easter egg right under our noses! If you read into the song’s lyrics, you’d know that this song is about love triangles. Basically, the song is a conversation between three people. A guy and two girls, the past lover and the present. So, there might be a fair chance we can expect a sizzling love triangle in ‘Indak‘. We already know Sam and Nadine are going to be part of the film, and a quick search revealed that (yes, you guessed it right) Nicole is also going to be in the movie playing the role of Steph!

And if we’re basing from the music video, Steph is most probably Sam’s ex, and Jen, the present.

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