Ever experienced a breakup so bad that you feel like you’re actually losing your mind? If so, this song by EAAASY is perfect for you! Check out ‘Tostado’ now!

Breakups are a lot of work, especially if you never knew why he/ she left you. There is also a lot of confusion that goes into it! This new song by EAAASY perfectly narrates that feeling of frustration and regret in a ’90s rock style. ‘Tostado’ is out on Spotify now, and here’s what we know about it so far!

“…longing for closure.”

We do hope you’re ready because another ‘hugot‘ song is coming your way! This time, however, it won’t be a sad, slow song that would make you want to lay in bed all day. ‘Tostado’ by EAAASY is the type to make you want to scream and let all your frustrations out!

Through jumpy tunes and sick drum routines, the band shared with us a message that is truly relatable to anyone who has loved and left behind. There is really something uneasy about wondering why your partner left you. To be honest, we’d rather be hurt with the blunt truth than being left wondering why our love wasn’t enough to make them stay. Sometimes, we even blame it on ourselves, thinking that maybe we weren’t good enough. And so we long for closure, and for the whys to be answered. ‘Tostado’ explains what happens inside your head after this happens, overthinking things to the point where your brain become toasted. Well, not literally speaking, but that’s how it feels like.

It’s not in the song, but the band shared through an interview that their very goal is to let the listeners realize that “closure is something we can give to ourselves.” We don’t need the other person to do that! All it takes is the acceptance that some things are better left unsaid, some questions left unanswered. Because the truth is, we’ll never know the answer to everything! We just have to accept that it happened. And moving on comes along with the decision to close that chapter of our lives and being okay with creating new ones!


EAAASY is a band that was formed 3 years ago. Hailing from Mandaluyong, they strive to give us songs that we can relate to. And they have been successful in doing just that! Wanna know why? It’s because their songs ring truth. We were actually not surprised when they informed us that ‘Tostado’ is actually based on true life experiences because it really sounded like it. You ought to know, that in comparison to their previous singles, ‘Tostado’ has more of a ’90s pop-rock vibe, thanks to the sick drum routines in the song!

The band is comprised of Marlon De Las Verges on vocals, Liezl Young on drums, Feberdie Pineda, Gino Dimaano, and Meyron Elmido on guitars, and Jake Zacarias on bass! And like their name states, the band shared that they are actually easy-going people. They like to hang out before and after practices and gigs. Their songs may be full of angst, but they are quite the relaxed type– especially when there’s food! Well, who isn’t, right?!

You might want to look out for this band. They are planning to release and write new singles every month! You know what that means, new good songs! They are also planning to release the music video for ‘Tostado’ by the end of this year or early next year, so make sure to stay tuned! You can listen to ‘Tostado’ by EAAASY on Spotify!

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