Everyone speaks of heartbreaks and finally being able to move on. But Miss Ramonne, through her new single ‘TKL – Teka Lang’, talks about the break we need after getting terribly hurt.

Before we head on to the amazing new release of Miss Ramonne, can I just say what fun it was to be at her single launch last Thursday? The stage of The Music Hall, Metrowalk was filled by great performances from amazing bands! Mayonnaise, This Band, PusaKalye, BRWN, and whole lot more amazing artists were there to celebrate her special night.

Check out our Music Experience recap and find out what Miss Ramonne had to share with us that night right HERE:

TKL – Teka Lang

Miss Ramonne’s song ‘WSK (Wasak)’ that speaks of loving someone so great that it already hurts—is actually followed by the message of her new single. ‘TKL – Teka Lang’ is what happens right after the “wasak” stage, the pain wherein your heart was at its most terrible state.

Full of emotions and non-stop goosebumps, Miss Ramonne performing her new single was definitely worth the watch! Check out her full performance during her single launch HERE:

‘TKL – Teka Lang’ is very relatable. It’s when you’ve finally accepted that what you had with that person is really not meant to be. You finally start to focus and love yourself. You’re now even open to date or simply entertain others but at the end of the day, you’re not yet fully healed.

So yes, let’s go out but wait… That’s all I can give for now. Because I just got my heart broken and I’m not ready for another one just yet.

Teka lang, saglit lang
Masakit pa’ng puso kong kakawasak lang
Teka lang, saglit lang
‘Di pa kaya ng puso ko ang magmahal agad

Miss Ramonne’s ‘TKL – Teka Lang’ is a song that I never knew I needed. I can’t stress enough the reality of finally being okay, willing to date, but with the “wait” right after it. Because even if you’re better, that doesn’t mean being open to going all-in is there.

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