The Metro Fantastic is letting us hear their loudest roar yet as they release their latest single ‘Tiger’!

With its amazing guitar riffs and beats, ‘Tiger’ might just be the groove of the season! The Metro Fantastic just released the song and we honestly can’t help but dance to it. This song might as well be included in a “try not to dance” challenge. Watch how they perform it live!

The Metro Fantastic

An old band with a new sound—this is how The Metro Fantastic describes themselves, and we agree! The band has been formed years ago, but they are still running and making music that sounds youthful and fun. Experience is always leverage when it comes to music. As time went on, we think that the band members already got the hang of how their music would blend in well, and, in time, created their own great sound.

The Metro Fantastic is Carlos Castaño on vocals, Michael Gemina on drums/vocals, Kurt Ebarita on vocals and guitar, Kris Malana on lead guitar, Harrold Go on bass/vocals, Agustin Pleno on percussions, and Choi Padilla on keys/synths/vocals.


Life today is so dictated by expectations from other people. We live in a constant state of inhibition and control. But sometimes, we get nights where we get to not mind other people and just have fun!”We gotta dance and leave it all to chance,” the song says. ‘Tiger’ does not just sound groovy, it is also a song about how your own feet betray you. With this, the song commands you to just let it all go and just move to the beat! The Metro Fantastic helps us realize that a life of control and routine is great as long as we don’t forget to live and have fun every once in a while, like a tiger getting off of its leash!

You can also stream the song on Spotify!

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