This Band’s two new singles are finally out! And I can’t wait to talk to you about the launching and their new releases right here.

‘Ligaya?’ and ”Di Na Babalik’ are This Band’s two new singles. To honor the releases of their new tracks, a very fun launch was held at the Music Hall, Metrowalk. Last Saturday (February 2) was when I first heard the two singles before it was digitally released by midnight.

Check out their live performances right here:

This Band has been known for their very catchy song ‘Kahit Ayaw Mo Na’. A very painful single with a very upbeat tune! Personally, I was very excited to hear their newest tracks and it definitely didn’t disappoint.


Pipilitin kahit na mali
Malasap lang bawat sandali
Sanay gumising sa pagkahimbing
Katotohanang hindi ka sa kin

Ouch, right? Ligaya with a huge question mark, everyone! Yup, you were happy. But now, are you still really happy or just stuck in the memories that used to make you feel so good and right? In ‘Ligaya?’, it talks of how things can really change without you even noticing. One second, you’re so happy with that person as if nothing could go wrong. But then again, that’s not all there is to the song. It also talks of how that person is not really yours. That the reason why you really can’t truly be happy whenever you’re with him/her is because they actually belong to someone else. And even if it’s wrong, you’re trying to get all the bits of happiness that you could collect.

‘Di Na Babalik

Patuloy lang sa buhay ko
Limutin ang pag-ibig mo
Di na babalik
Hindi na babalik
Pilitin mang ayusin to
Ayoko na sa piling mo

So much power to this song! For those of you who are moving on or having a hard time not hitting up your ex for the hundredth time, this one’s for you. Stop going back! You must know what you deserve. If they left you and caused you so much pain as they walked away and you begged them to stay… Then I’m sure you’ve done all that you can do. If they still held firm with their decision, remember you must not chase someone who doesn’t want to be chased. And I hope that just like this song, you would finally have the determined attitude to not go back to things that caused you pain. It’s hard to forget, but I’m sure you could do it. It’s for the best after all!

Loved this very painful tracks? I know I do! Add them to your playlist now!

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