This Band new song alert! The group just released a new song and NEW VIDEO, and we have all the details you need here.

The This Band new song Hindi Na Nga dropped! Joining other big names in their music releases! Who are we talking about? Oh, just IV of Spades, Shanne Dandan, Earl Generao and a little band called Sandwich to name a few.

And even though other big names released a single when ‘Hindi Na Nga’ came out, we just cannot get enough of this new This Band single! And if you still don’t know why, watch the video below.

Ang lahat ay nagbabago
Ganon din ang puso ko
Di alam kung paano aamin
Kung dapat bang sabihin to

Breaking up is so hard!

As you must’ve heard (and felt), the song is about breaking up. But unlike most songs, ‘Hindi Na Nga’ is about the thought of ultimately breaking it off with someone. It’s about pining and pining, yearning, and even aching about the simple yet heartbreaking thought of having to say goodbye to someone you used to love.

We’re sure you or a close friend must’ve felt like this once before. Or perhaps, this is how you feel right now, and this song feels like a BIG HUG.

And as the video shares even the happiest moments in a relationship, we’re sure that you felt the sting of losing your feelings for someone even if they used to be so special to you.

Breaking up is never easy. But songs like this from artists like This Band help us feel what we need to feel.

Wanna keep on listening? Put it on repeat now!

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