LANY is back to break some hearts. The Thick And Thin MV is here to make us cry yet again!

What is it with LANY always getting on my emotions? Geez. And with the Thick And Thin MV being out, I just can’t wait to cry even more when they come back to Manila for their concert.

And while we Filipino fans are stuck waiting for the ticketing details for Malibu Nights Tour to be announced… Watch the ‘Thick And Thin’ MV with me first!

The American indie band has been known for their hit songs ‘ILYSB’, ’13’, ‘Thru These Tears‘, and so much more. And just less than 24 hours ago, the music video of another favorite ‘Thick And Thin’ was released.

‘Thick And Thin’

The music video started out with a girl who was clearly not in the mood leaving a house, rode her car, drove away without saying goodbye to anyone. Before the music kicked off, we see a man sitting by the trunk of the car. And I’m telling you, when the car started to move and Paul Klein’s face appeared, my heart stopped lol!

‘Thick And Thin’ MV is very simple, but the whole context and emotions of the single can really be seen through the music video. It shows the distantness the two has and how when one walks out in the argument, you’re left to overthink things on your own.

The painful single

You say you’re not in love no more
But was it really love
If you can leave me for
Something so innocent

The ‘Thick And Thin’ talks of how love can be so difficult to understand. One moment you are so in love with each other but with just one petty fight, it’s like the love isn’t there to begin with. With just one surface level argument, you’d question if what he/she feels for you is really love. Because if it is, then how come a misunderstanding can end everything so quickly?

Is this the end?
Thought you’d be there through thick and thin

And of course, a relationship means you’d stay with each other through the good times and even the bad times. That’s why when things are complicated and it feels like they are already giving up, you start questioning if they really love you the way you are with them.

Stream ‘Thick And Thin’ with me!

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