Check out this video game-themed MV for ‘Taya (Space Remix)’ by Abra!

Taya (Space Remix) MV by Abra

So does anyone feel like taking a trip down memory lane today? Because this new video game themed MV for ‘Taya (Space Remix)’ by Abra, is giving us major Space Invaders vibes!

So although ‘Taya’ by Abra was released last 2018, this MV is for his Space Remix version that was released just last year. And well, in a few simple words, it’s super cute! Because not only is it giving us a major throwback to the classic 1978 8-bit game, Space Invaders, it also features a little 8-bit Abra! And he’s even seen eating cute 8-bit fishball before heading off into space! I mean, can it get any cuter than that?

It was released just last December 31 and you can watch the ‘Taya (Space Remix) MV by Abra, right here:

Do you remember Abra’s ‘Pusong Dragon’ MV?

Taya (Space Remix) MV by Abra

So do you remember that MV Abra released that gave us ‘Kimi No Nawa’ feels? The MV he released last October 16, 2019, for his song ‘Pusong Dragon’ that was shot entirely in Japan? Well, if you liked that one and always wondered what went behind the scenes in making it, you’re in luck! Because when he announced the release for the MV of ‘Taya (Space Remix)’ on his Instagram account. He also announced that the BTS video for ‘Pusong Dragon’ will also be released soon.

Overall, you should really watch ‘Taya (Space Remix) by Abra. All the cute 8-bit animation is sure to make your day! And watch out for the BTS video for ‘Pusong Dragon’, coming out soon!

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