Recently gone through a breakup? Inhale the pain by watching the ‘Maaari Ba’ MV by Wilbert Ross featuring a special guest.

If you’re looking for a new song to drown in the pain of losing someone you love you might want to give ‘Maaari Ba’ by Wilbert Ross a listen. The heartbreaking video takes us to trip down memory lane. And we’ve got to admit, it’s kinda giving us the feels.

‘Maaari Ba’ MV starts by showing us the once beautiful relationship of two lovers portrayed by Wilbert Ross and Zeinab Harake. But as the clip progresses, it’s just a shard from Wilbert’s memories. And then comes in the harsh reality that Zeinab is no longer there and he’s occupied by the deafening silence of his home–alone.

If you haven’t watched it yet, catch it right here!

Maaari Ba

When you look closely at the lyrics of ‘Maaari Ba’, it’s a song you can relate to. It also tackles the question of how to start over when you’ve dedicated all your life to this one person and in the blink of an eye, they’re gone?

Ngayong wala na tayo
Saan na pupunta kung ikaw ang mundo
‘Di ba’t sinabi mo na tayo hanggang dulo
Ito na ba ang sinasabi mong dulo 

Maaari Ba MV Wilbert Ross YouTube

But even more than accepting a breakup, ‘Maaari Ba’ voices out that little hope inside all of us–a desperate plea asking for one more try. But for all we know, it can’t happen. What’s the point if the very person your heart calls out to won’t glance back?

Maaari bang makita kitang muli
Bago matapos ang lahat ng ito
Saglit man lang yakap mong kay higpit
Alam kong ‘di na mararamdamang muli

But in the end, this is the bitter truth we somehow have to face when someone we love is no longer there. Accept it. Move on. It’s harsh but there’s nothing we can really do, right?

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