LATEST DROP: The Reckless Romantic EP by Where’s Ramona?

The long wait is over! Because The Reckless Romantic EP by Where’s Ramona? is FINALLY here!

This rising band had their successful and heartwarming EP launch at Route 196 last October 19. Finally, The Reckless Romantic EP by Where’s Ramona? dropped on Spotify!

All from the University of Santo Tomas, this hot rising band in town started out from scratch. This reckless romantic band consists of members Mic Comia, Ivan Castro, Stephen Fortes, Conrad Capule, and Timothy Bernardino. After enduring a lot of struggles and difficulties, Where’s Ramona? worked hard to reach where they are now. All their hard work paid off because their debut EP is finally up for everyone to hear!

The Reckless Romantic

For those who are avid fans of Where’s Ramona?, we bet you know the agonizing torment we had to go through waiting for the release of their EP. For a month, we’ve been indulging ourselves with the songs ‘Tonight’ and ‘Kiss Me’. But the long wait is finally over, y’all! The entire ‘The Reckless Romantic’ dropped on Spotify yesterday, December 3!

‘The Reckless Romantic’ has a total of six tracks that are up that you can enjoy!


-Kiss Me

-Together Soon




But wait, don’t forget that ‘Lilac’ will be released as well very soon, so hold your breaths!

And of course, for those of you who weren’t able to read the fun interview we had with the members of Where’s Ramona?, vocalist Mic shared with us on why their EP is entitled ‘The Reckless Romantic’.

Basically, ’cause I was a reckless romantic. I jumped [into] one relationship after another, just looking for the love I think I deserve. All of the songs that I wrote for this EP is about how I felt the past few years while falling in love. So, yes. It is based on my personal love experience.

Now you know why it’s entitled ‘The Reckless Romantic’! 😉 If you want to read the full interview, check it out right here.

These boys surely scream “romantics” with their floral get-ups and music don’t you think? And of course, stop missing out. Hurry and add their songs to your playlist now!

Were you thrilled just like us when The Reckless Romantic EP by Where’s Ramona? dropped on Spotify? We bet you have it on repeat! Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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