With their honest political outlook, The PH Game Show by Johnny Paradox shows the ugly truth of our society.

In our society churning with socio-political issues everywhere, Johnny Paradox and co. takes their stand. Nowadays, issues involving politics tend to be sensitive than before. If you think about it, one wrong word can set you up on fire. The mass pitting against each other because of their different political views. Even local music artists pitch in giving a piece of their mind. And Johnny Paradox takes up the challenge to show how fearless he is in turning his political views into wonderful art.

Mula Batanes hanggang Jolo
Pilipinas handa na ba kayo?
Sa bayan na ayos lang magkagulo
Dahil ang bansang ito ay isa lamang palaro

The PH Game Show shows us the poetic yet strong outlook of Johnny and co. about how politics run society. Unlike other trap songs in the local music community, the song captures the reality we live today. It compares society to different Philippine game shows that everybody knows. How politicians tend to play with us like pawns in a game. How fucked up society is getting by the second. The lyrics are nothing but gritty and textured. It demonstrates not only sarcasm but the exposure of the truth like it’s a no brainer. Nevertheless, Johnny truly pushed himself into baring his fangs with this song.

Aside from the crisp rhythmic snares and kick drums, the melodic and bleak accompaniment shows simplicity. Even with that kind of approach, the song still catches up on you and sticks like a gum. I mean, it’s definitely an eye-opening song about the things we’re oblivious about politics. A bold song indeed, if you ask me. Johnny Paradox and his music remind us Gloc 9 and Francis Magalona. We’re loving it and truth to be told, we need more music like this.

So what can you say about the boldness of The PH Game Show by Johnny Paradox feat. Jacob & MRK ASTD? Do you think they’ve captured the real deal of the society we’re living in right now? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.