Just so you know, a few songs from the movie soundtrack for ‘Unforgettable’ are already out and they are beautiful!

While we can’t wait any longer for ‘Unforgettable’ to be shown in cinemas, we are thankful to again be finally blessed with the heavenly vocals of Sarah Geronimo! As a few songs from the official movie soundtrack are slowly released, we can’t help but be excited for the movie to come out.

Aside from the Popstar Princess Sarah G, the tracks in the OST also feature other artists. Listen to Janine Teñoso, Caleb Santos, and Jono Hilario too by checking out the album below!

While the full movie soundtrack has yet to come, VIVA Records said that it should be out on Spotify this week.

‘Ang Tangi Kong Pangarap’

The main track that we heard from the trailer is apparently original by Rico Blanco titled ‘Ang Tangi Kong Pangarap’. Sarah Geronimo sang a rendition of it for especially for the movie, and it sounds really good. Even if we are separated by a screen, we can really feel the emotions that she wants to convey.

You can check out the music video below which shows Sarah pouring her heart out to the song. It also includes some clip teasers from the movie, so try not to cry!

Meanwhile, ‘Saglit Na Lang’ is the latest release for the OST, and it is also sung by Sarah. It is a bit more emotional than the song above but is equally beautiful. This is a bit more mellow and gentle but still hits us with those feels.

Listen to it here.

We all know about Sarah G’s vocal prowess, but we are still taken aback while actually hearing it. Even with a song that doesn’t showcase her ‘birit’ powers much, she is still amazing to listen to.

She may even win again with her songs for this OST, given that she won an Awit Award for ‘Isa Pang Araw’. Hopes aside though, our fangirl heart is just happy and satisfied.

While we’re not sure if the album only contains the 5 songs above, we can’t wait for more to come if there actually is. Moreover, we are just really, really excited to watch the movie already.

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